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Building security systems for those impossible to be educated and the corrupt

We are very close to hire a psychologist to treat our anxiety with the subject of security. We have ...Read More

DNS could be crucial for operators’ digital transformation; we just need fewer surveys and more case studies

We have our slight suspicions that this blog, leading to an Ovum white paper, is a well-designed mar...Read More

Zero rating is great, but so it is net neutrality

There is no doubt that zero rating has great benefits for operators and users. Operators can create ...Read More

Seek digital education, but do it fast before robots replace you

Education has always been a complex issue. In many countries, educational models have changed many t...Read More

Operators just like to talk about speeds when users are not so much into that anymore

OpenSignal has an excellent application that offers all kinds of information about the performance o...Read More

If you are already depressed about cybersecurity, skip this blog post

You do not need to be a genius or a visionary to know that security in the digital world through any...Read More

Operators are platforms; the problem is they do not know it yet

Operators still do not know it, or they act as if they do not, but their network assets will no long...Read More

We know mobile operators’ challenges; we just do not have a clue on how to write a compelling headline

This is an interesting article that is surprising on several levels. The first surprise is to check ...Read More

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Wi-Fi Wanderlust: What’s happening with the “other” mobile technology?

This week, Cisco released the 2017 Mobile Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast. Not surprisingly, ...Read More

Be Ready: DDoS Attacks Like You’ve Never Seen Are Coming

In September, a series of attacks included an assault on the French web hosting company OVH that rea...Read More

The Known, The Unknown and The Possible: The Art of the Quantum Algorithm

People know that quantum computers can do wonderful things, what is often forgotten though is that h...Read More

The Value of TDOA Measurements in Maintaining 4G Network Performance

Ensuring 4G networks perform to carrier specifications is an everyday challenge for field technician...Read More

Why play is the secret to keeping up with business tech

“Since the ancient Greeks, every generation has said that the pace of change has never been so fast....Read More

5G – Hype or Opportunity? Cambridge Wireless SIG Meeting 8 Feb 2017

According to LightReading, 5G is set to dominate the upcoming Mobile World Congress. So it was timel...Read More

How to Converse in Cloud: Cloud Balancing

We examine “cloud balancing.” As with many cloud technologies, cloud balancing not only changes the ...Read More

Redefining the digital insurance customer experience

The rise of the digital era has had a profound impact on many industries — including the insurance v...Read More