If online conferences can work fine, why in the world are they still a source of so much frustration?

WebRTC MCU Architecture – All For One And One For All

The conferencing market is huge. It was expected to be over $2B in size in 2016.  And with good reason – it fulfills a business need to talk to, and interact with each other through voice and video and various collaboration techniques such as whiteboarding.  But we’ve all been on large conference calls at work where people are added and then you can very visibly tell that the performance had degraded.  And then we’re all in for a bad experience.  Many times this has to do with a slow connection – one bad apple ruining the rest.  But this can also have something to do either with the underlying media server being used, or with the conference call architecture being used. Either way, this is avoidable … Keep reading the original blog post here

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