Vague numbers about video-delivery network virtualization business model for Tier-1 operators and nothing for Tier-2 and 3

Want to earn US$1.6B after only 5 years? Just go virtualize your video-delivery network

Calling all parents, does this sound familiar? Our five-year-old is quite happy to watch her favourite shows on any device – except for on a TV. I’ve even taught her how to stream content from the iPad to the TV in an effort to persuade her about the comfort and benefits of watching on a big screen, but nothing works. (“It’s more fun to watch it like this!”) And it’s not just her – walk into our living room and chances are you’ll find her sitting on the sofa with her brothers, all of whom are watching different shows on different devices.

There’s no denying that multi-screen is obviously both a huge challenge and strain on the network – imagine the capacity demands of video being streamed to 4-5 different devices, compared to a single one on broadcast or even cable technology. Multiply that by millions of customers and that’s something that can literally kill a network … Keep reading the original post here

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