Licensed or unlicensed spectrum for cellular IoT? This should not be a binary question

Licensed or unlicensed spectrum for cellular IoT? That is the question

Self-driving cars. Refrigerators that order your groceries. Electricity grids that automatically regulate consumption. It seems that the future has finally arrived – and its powered by the Internet of Things.

The flood of new IoT devices and applications coming onto the market are made possible by the latest advances in connectivity. Unlicensed short-range technologies like ZigBee and long-range technologies like LoRa have allowed anyone with an idea to create IoT apps for mass market deployments. But licensed technologies like narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), LTE for Machine Type Communications (LTE-M) and Enhanced Coverage GSM (EC-GSM) are also gaining traction with operators offering IoT services through their existing cellular networks … Keep reading the original blog post here

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