If you are already depressed about cybersecurity, skip this blog post

Juniper Networks Security Issues & Predictions (for 2017)

Clearly, there is a struggle to keep up-to-date with the raft of laborious tasks that keep the lights on.  Simply staying on top of the updates, signatures, patches and rules for a multitude of disparate security solutions takes its toll on the number of hours in a day.

Another challenge is knowing where data and workloads live, with many organizations not having a clear grip on their data, or even to a certain extent of knowing the function of that data. Many IT execs are left wondering what applications are using that data? Why is a Windows 2000 server still running in the corner of the accounts department? Who authorized workloads in public clouds? This makes it hard to accurately measure the impact of losing it, until it’s too late … Keep reading the original blog post here

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