Zero rating is great, but so it is net neutrality

Zero rating – changing the business model

It’s fair to say that net neutrality in the US looks like it’s on the way out. Now the grey area of zero rating can take centre stage and service providers can use zero rating in many ways to grow their businesses. The traditional telco service provider model of here’s a bundle of here’s 10 GB of data, that’ll be $50 please, is changing.  The range of content, wholesale and marketing partners in the digital services value chain is ever changing and in the past few years service providers have found themselves being pushed down the food chain in terms of customer importance and relevance. Zero rating offers a possibility to help change this. The service providers now have a tool to help them take a stronger position in the digital service value chain and better engage with their customers.  As well as this zero rating could also do some social good – it’s not just about selling mobile TV or placing ads – it offers the potential to remove the biggest barrier to getting on-line for many people in developing countries – cost … Keep reading the original blog post here


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