The Internet is filled with resources. Everyday new blogs are born to provide new views on different topics. Most companies on the telecommunications sector have developed their own blogs to provide additional information to their existing and potential clients. The number of articles from these companies keeps increasing making it difficult to find a single place where telecommunications professionals may locate not just those resources, but the most valuable ones.

And here is where TelecomsRadar.com comes into play. We are an independent group of editors who are reading and locating those blog post from telecommunications companies that we think are worth reading. But, we not only aggregate them in one single point of entry, we also provide our own view on the subject an review and rank each post we publish, so our readers can have an additional resource to decide if they should move on and read any particular blog post.

We are constantly adding new blogs in our daily monitoring. If your blog is not being picked up by our radar and you would want us to review your corporate blog posts, please contact us here.