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Network Slicing 2017

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Joe Barrett
President GSA

Bio Volker Held

Volker Held
Head of 5G Market Development, Nokia

Headshot Daisy Zhu

Daisy Zhu
5G CMO , Huawei


David Aders
General Manager, Development and Innovation, Telstra


Michele Zarri
Technical Director GSMA


Tetsuya Nakamura
Vice President, ETSI ISG NFV

wilson cardoso

Wilson Cardoso
Head of Techonology, Latin America, Nokia


Adrian Neal
Project Lead E2E Architecture, NGMN and Team Leader at Vodafone

Peter Jarich - 2017c copia

Peter Jarich
Chief Analyst, Consumer and Infrastructure, Global Data


Thomas Tovinger
Chair of 3GPP SA5

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