While the network is in green light mode, users might be in red; are operators colorblind?

Start with the end in mind

The need to better manage how end users experience network performance

This is a familiar story, at least in certain cities, for those of us who rely on public transport. It is also similar to what we frequently experience as users of another network: the network that supports our on-the-go communication needs. To do justice to mobile service providers, the degree of network complexity far exceeds that of any metro line.It is rush hour on a rainy Wednesday morning. The metro station is heaving with commuters. The departure board shows the next train leaving at 08.09, but it is already 08.16. No, time travel has not been invented yet. The train is late, and the board has not been updated with the expected time of train departure. The reason for the delay is unknown. It could be a signaling failure, a train fault, leaves on the line, or even track congestionWhichever the reason, the commuters’ experience of the metro rail network has been suboptimal … Keep reading the original blog post here mind 

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