Antonio de la Oliva obtained the Degree on Telecommunication Engineering by the University Carlos III of Madrid in December 2004. In July 2008, Antonio de la Oliva presented his PhD. thesis, titled “Control Mechanisms for Mobile Terminals in Heterogeneous Access Technology Environments”. In addition, his PhD. thesis obtained, in June 2009, the Alcatel - Lucent award “ex-aequo”, to the best contribution to new IPTV services, granted by the Royal Telecommunication Engineering Institute of Spain. Antonio de la Oliva has served as Vice-chair of the IEEE 802.21b task group and Technical Editor of IEEE 802.21d, contributing significantly to the development of the IEEE 802 standards for Media Independent Handover Services. He has also served as Conference Organizer of the 2013 IEEE Online Conference on Green Communications (IEEE OnlineGreenComm), as guest editor of an Special Issue for IEEE Communication Magazine and he is actually serving as Area Editor of Elsevier Computer Communications. Currently, Antonio de la Oliva works as Associate Professor at the Telematics Engineering department of the University Carlos III of Madrid, where he is performing lecturing and research activities. He has served as Deputy Coordinator of the successful H2020 5GPPP Project 5G-Crosshaul, and he is current coordinating the EC/TW 5G-Coral project, project of the first coordinated research call between Europe and Taiwan. His current lines of research include SDN, NFV, and novel architectural approaches for 5G including integration of the fronthaul and backahul network segments and Fog communications.

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