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  • pangyuan posted an update 4 months ago

    There are designer clothes for children then there are the others. The others are the most comical clothes ever and if the children could articulate their thoughts they would not be pretty. Many are the times we have looked at a child’s out fit and inwardly questioned the sanity of the person that not only dressed the child in that get up but manufactured it. The poor children do not have a say in what their parents choose to drape over them and all they can do is walk around looking like clowns.

    To most people this is a sad occasion indeed but for the rest of us it is time for some well deserved humor. These “clown” out fits come in many colors, designs shapes and degrees of fluffiness. The last category of clothes is one of the funniest especially when it wears the child as opposed to the child wearing it. The children get to go around town looking like big dolls and in most cases their parents are oblivious to the fact that they are the source of amusement to the general populous of the area.

    Children’s clothes need not be so hard to put on and take off but some of these contraptions look like they need an entire army to do just that. Children’s clothes should be simple, effective, comfortable and where necessary gender appropriate as it would not make sense to dress up a young boy like a girl then get shocked when they get an identity crisis later on in life.

    Children’s clothes can be a source of inspiration or amusement depending on the effect the parent or guardian was going for. This should be carefully considered before cold hard cash is exchanged for an outfit that will have every pedestrian this side of the Pacific laughing uncontrollably.

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