3GPP progress on Network Slicing

Network Slicing is a key feature for the next generations of mobile and fixed networks and it is considered a key element of the future 5G toolset of technologies. As defined by 3GPP, Network Slicing is about transforming the network from a static “one size fits all” paradigm, to a new paradigm where logical networks/partitions are created, with appropriate isolation, resources and optimized topology to serve a particular purpose or service category (e.g. use case/traffic category, or for internal reasons) or even individual customers (logical system created “on demand”). A single UE can simultaneously be served by one or more Network Slice instances.

This webinar provides the recent work done by 3GPP on Network Slicing.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the overview on the Network Slicing activities in 3GGP!

    p. 17 – Figure 4.10.1 “Example of coordination between 3GPP and TN Management Systems” is missing. I don’t expect this to be much detailed – just link for transfering requirements on Quality of Service?

    Would be great if anyone can give a short descripition – Thanks!

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