5G: the road to a better connected world with Network Slicing

5G is presented with an important series of attributes such as higher transmission speeds, lower latency, greater reliability and the possibility of connecting many more devices simultaneously to the network. In addition, it will provide operators with the option of launching new services beyond voice and broadband access, although the latter service will initially remain as operators’ main business.

Network Slicing emerges in Release 16 and it will be available in 2019, allowing operators to create a cloud native network. Its flexibility will allow to offer specialized service, especially to verticals. However, it is important to mention that operators must create the demand and show the importance of 5G and Network Slicing for all sectors of industries.

This session will offer a review of what Network Slicing is, Huawei’s definition of this new architecture, use cases and the initiatives put in place to inform other industries about the importance of 5G.

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  1. What are the conditions for adoption from the car manufacturers regarding autonomous driving with 5G ?

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