AT&T Business Wi-Fi – Product Overview

AT&T is one of the largest and most advanced telecom network operators in the world. As such, it understands the need to use those access technologies that its clients are demanding; Wi-Fi is one of them. This is the reason why the US telecom operator has a well-understood strategy to leverage Wi-Fi as a business opportunity for its clients and for its own operations. AT&T offers managed Wi-Fi services to a variety of companies in many verticals, being retail, restaurants, and hospitality the ones exhibiting the highest growth.

AT&T currently manages over 300.000 Wi-Fi access points in the United States, Canada, and Mexico and soon will expand this service to other international markets allowing costumers to buy or lease routers and switches directly from AT&T. The operator’s offering includes high security and public, private or hybrid access points to allow companies to offer their clients access to their Wi-Fi network while having a private connection for employees and their internal processes and operations, both in the same infrastructure.

Learn in this webinar how AT&T is developing its Wi-Fi strategy.

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Manish Malhotra is Assistant Vice President of product management at AT&T. He manages a portfolio of Business WiFi services, Data Analytics, and In-Building wireless solutions (DAS/Private LTE/CBRS). His team is responsible for development, market launch, and ongoing life-cycle mgmt of these services. Manish has previously managed AT&T’s global VPN, Secure Cloud and SD-WAN services as well as global access footprint expansion. He launched AT&T’s MPLS and IPSec VPN services, and grew those into multi-billion revenue portfolio. Manish holds Ph.D. in Computer Science from Duke University and attended Leadership Development Program at London Business School.

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