Did the telco industry received a misleading brochure about NFV?

A talk with Bryce Mitchell, Director – NFV, Cloud & DevOps at Telus, about NFV and why the industry must first admit that moving to NFV is a very complex task.

It does not hurt if the telco industry also understands that some of the challenges it is facing could indeed be opportunities instead. The debate needs to be open and sincere and I think this is what we got from Bryce. Check it out!


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Bryce Mitchell
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Currently leading TELUS’ NFV Cloud initiative as well as our National Technology Development Labs and Network Support Services teams. We’re developing & operating a next generation private cloud platform for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Our team is tasked with creating a new platform, set of processes and software skill sets to drive TELUS’ network infrastructure into the 21st century; Dramatically reducing costs and complexity of service delivery to our customers.

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