How Enterprise Wi-Fi is evolving and is being monetized

As iPass is the industry pioneer in global, mobile connectivity, ensuring unlimited access to unlimited content on an unlimited number of devices. Founded in 1996, iPass claims to be the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, with more than 64 million hotspots in airports, hotels, airplanes, and public spaces in more than 180 countries and territories across the globe. With the above credentials, iPass can provide an overview as to how Wi-Fi connectivity has evolved over the years. Telecom operators have been trying to increase their footprint while the enterprise —both large, and small and medium— adopted Wi-Fi massively to get communications and data access in an efficient way within their premises as well as in public locations.

In this webinar, we will start by providing insights into this evolution over the years with a strong focus on how the Wi-Fi enterprise has evolved and the different monetization strategies iPass has implemented as Wi-Fi connectivity has become more intelligent. This webinar will explore and differentiated Wi-Fi adoption by verticals such as Hospitality and Inflight, among others.

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Steven Namaseevayum
Steve has worked at iPass since 2003 and is responsible for all Commercial and Technical aspects of the iPass network. Currently, this stands at 65 million hotspots globally, spanning 140 markets and different venue types including Inflight, Hospitality, Retail, SMB and Community Wi-Fi. Steve and his team work with more than 150 Operators as well Technology Vendors, Brands and Industry Alliances.

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