Operators should accelerate Wi-Fi adoption as part of their 5G strategies

Mobile operators worldwide are already planning their 5G network deployments and they hope this technology will open up new business opportunities, especially in the small and business (SMB), large enterprise and in the industrial sectors. There is no doubt that 5G along with network virtualization and softwerization will help operators regain ground against new digital players that are capitalizing on services and applications.

Access technologies will still be mandatory and the development of the heterogeneous network (HetNet) should pick up the pace, especially when it comes to the integration of Wi-Fi into the HetNet mix. Wi-Fi is not only deployed in most SMBs, enterprises, and industries but more and more it is being deployed outdoors complementing operators own coverage.

Wi-Fi is also improving its own capabilities and its popularity makes it a clear player in the connected world. Operators cannot think 5G will replace Wi-Fi, but rather find ways to make sure they can leverage it to enhance further their 4G and 5G offerings.

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