Passpoint: how did we get here and where are we going?

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Overview of Passpoint standards going from concept to labs to real-world deployments; highlighting milestones over the years
  • Look at Passpoint today and how it’s the first step in the convergence that will be required for a 5G world
  • Passpoint in action – case study of how Passpoint is benefitting connectivity at major airports
  • What’s next for Passpoint

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Carrier Wi-Fi: NGH/PasspointTM – delivering customers a seamless and secure experience

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Derek Peterson, Ph.D., is chief technology officer at Boingo Wireless. He is responsible for the company’s technical vision and strategy. Under his leadership, Boingo is pioneering the adoption and deployment of the latest wireless network technologies including 5G, PasspointTM, network virtualization and convergence. He is directly responsible for building and operating Boingo's core technologies and systems, including web applications, client software, networks, authentication, billing, advertising, IPTV, business intelligence and IT infrastructure. Dr. Peterson has deep telecommunications experience as a consultant, engineer, product manager and executive. Prior to joining Boingo in 2011, he served in strategic product roles at Oracle driving global launch campaigns for LTE adoption and billing software solutions. Dr. Peterson is the Co-Chairman of Wireless Broadband Alliance. He is also a Board Member for MulteFire Alliance and New IP Agency, and a founding member of the Wireless Infrastructure Association's Innovation & Technology Council. Dr. Peterson was named “CTO of the Year” in 2017 by the Los Angeles Business Journal and a 2015 "Wireless Industry Executive to Watch" by FierceWireless. Dr. Peterson holds a BS in computer science from the University of Maryland, an MA in education and technology from the American Intercontinental University, and a Doctorate of Computer Science with a focus on enterprise information systems from Colorado Technical University. He is an adjunct professor for Colorado Technical University and an editor for the “International Journal of Strategic Information Technology and Applications.”

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