The importance of vRouters for uCPE solutions

Universal CPE (uCPE) is a software virtual network function (NFV) running in a standard operating system hosted on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms, either on a server or an appliance. Its main benefits are rapid deployment and cost reduction. It is deployed with hardware and software components from multiple vendors. And last but not least, vRouters are required for all uCPE infrastructure to provide routing, switching and even security features and software.

This webinar explores vRouters and their deployment to allow the introduction of uCPE. The webinar includes use cases where vRouters are the foundation of uCPE implementations. Also, the webinar offers examples of the different platforms used, such as Intel Atom and Arm.

Finally, the webinar goes through a uCPE demonstration carried out by 6WIND, Telco Systems, and Marvell.

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