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A few years ago it was clear that communications service providers (CSPs) had a business case to virtualize customer premises equipment (CPE). The introduction of Universal CPE (uCPE) continues that trend as CSPs try to reduce operational and capital costs and generate new revenue streams. CSPs are transforming their networks with SDN and NFV and with the introduction of lower-cost, high volume white boxes along with standardized software APIs, increasing supplier choices and reducing their risks. But having too many options could also be a threat as CSPs need to ensure they are choosing and the most cost-effective solution for the customer premise.

In this episode, Ulf Bragneli, Product Management Director at Enea NFV, provides his views on uCPE, emphasizing some of the key requirements operators need to consider when selecting their uCPE provider. Bragneli also covers the factors that are pushing CSPs to implement uCPE and some use cases and studies.

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Universal CPE: One of the most compelling NFV use cases

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As Product Management Director for Enea’s NFV offerings, Ulf is focusing on software solutions for the next generation telecom networks. Ulf is an experienced Communications industry professional with 16 years in a wide variety of roles and responsibilities ranging from sales, business development, open source software development, product strategy and product management. He has previously held talks at OPNFV summit, ONS, Layer 123 NFV and SDN World Congress He holds a M.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and has previously held technical sales positions at Enea, NXP and Texas Instruments.

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