uCPE: deploy, operationalize and monetize NFV at scale

Why should telcos care about cloud technologies? Because it lets them do what they can’t do today in their networks. Cloud technologies allow operators to develop new services in days and weeks and not months and years while allowing their clients to access them instantly. The cloud also offers operators CAPEX and OPEX efficiencies by decoupling services from the network and by introducing new suppliers and open source solutions, which in turn increase suppliers competition, innovation, and price reductions.

In essence, when we bring the NVF concept to the telcos’ networks we are essentially bringing the power of the cloud to their organizations. Here is where Universal CPE (uCPE) comes into play becoming the next phase of NFV deployments as it enables innovation at the edge of the network and the customer site, including SD-WAN, security offerings, and secure virtualized connectivity.

This webinar includes the uCPE Verizon case study.

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Prayson Pate is ADVA Optical Networking's chief technology officer for Ensemble and an evangelist for network functions virtualization (NFV). He speaks at industry events and writes posts and articles to inform, educate and entertain. These include The Real CTOs of NFV and The Real Innovators of Networking series. Prayson received a master's degree in electrical and computer engineering from North Carolina State University and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Duke University. Prayson has contributed to standards bodies such as the MEF and IETF. He is a named inventor on nine patents.

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